Aubrey Hampton

In Harmony With Nature

Aubrey Hampton mixing ingredientsAubrey Hampton (1934 -2011)

After receiving his Ph.D. in biochemistry from New York University in 1967, Dr. Aubrey Hampton borrowed $250 to start Aubrey Organics, while working for Fabergé, a perfume and cosmetics manufacturer that made its name with celebrity connections to such luminaries as Cary Grant and Farrah Fawcett.

In 1967, Aubrey Organics kicked into full gear with $35,000 Mr. Hampton earned in Fabergé’s profit sharing program. In Aubrey Hampton’s own words, “That was a big deal, financing my own company without investors or a bank. I knew if I brought in investors they wouldn’t care about the animals or chemicals, and I wanted my company to represent those things. It didn’t mean all that much in 1967, but it meant a lot to me.”

Aubrey Hampton dedicated the rest of his life to making better products designed to nurture us and work in harmony with nature. Today, Aubrey Organics has grown to become a leader in natural hair, skin and body care with more than 200 products.

In our range, you’ll find the finest herbals and plant extracts in their most natural form, with no synthetic additives or petrochemicals.